W3C HTML5 training course – New session starts 3 June!

May 30, 2013

Learn HTML5 cool new features and code slimming techniques that will hep you build interactive, powerful and efficient Web sites! Whatever you’re a beginner or a high level developer/designer, have access to high quality content material, be trained by a first-class expert, and learn step by step.

Registration is open for the W3C HTML5 training course that starts 3 June 2013 and lasts six weeks. Experienced trainer Michel Buffa will cover the techniques developers and designers need to create great Web pages and apps. Topics include video, animations, forms, and APIs to create location-based services, as well as offline applications. Students receive a certificate upon course completion.

Read the students’ feedback, as well as what was the trainer’s experience during the first course session earlier this year.

HTML5 simply rocks — enroll now!
During this 6 weeks long online training course, you will notably:

  • Learn the new simplified HTML5 tags
  • Play with the and elements
  • Draw and animate fun Web graphics
  • Discover the newest HTML5 forms features
  • Test the geolocation, orientation APIs and much more
  • Understand the HTML5 offline features

Register and learn more about W3DevCampus, W3C’s online training for Web developers.