OMWeb Events

Recent in 2011:

  • Rencontres INRIA-Industrie – The future of the TV  (17 November 2011, Rennes, France)
    François Daoust will present the latest W3C Web&TV work results.
  • 2nd FOKUS Media Web Symposium (10-11 November 2011, Berlin, Germany)
    W3C/OMWeb are event partners. Philipp Hoschka will present “W3C’s Web&TV Activities” on 11 November (see event’s agenda).
  • NEM Summit 2011 (27-29 September 2011, Torino, Italy)
    W3C/OMWeb are event partners. We will present current work dedicated to the adoption of HTML5 for Television (via speaking opp and at the booth). For meeting planning, please contact “mcf at w3 dot org”.
  • Workshop on HTML.next and gaming (24 September 2011, Varsaw, Poland)
    Co-located with the OnGameStart event, this workshop aims to meet and engage in discussions with developers of the HTML5 games community. W3C is also proud to support OnGameStart, the first HTML5 games conference.
  • 3rd W3C Web&TV workshop (19-20 September 2011, Hollywood, CA, USA)
    Themed “Entertaining content”, this third W3C workshop has a particular focus on the needs of content creators and distributors.
  • Sud Web (27 May 2011, Nîmes, France)
    French developers and designers conference to talk about latest Web developements including HTML5, SVG, etc.
  • Bilbao Web Summit (17-18 May 2011, Bilbao, Spain)
    Open Web platform, HTML5, CSS3 and Web&TV work will be presented before an audience of diverse industry representatives.
  • FET 2011 (4-6 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary)
    Marie-Claire Forgue promoted OMWeb results at the InfoStand #5. For meeting planning, please contact “mcf at w3 dot org”.
  • UK and Ireland W3C office launch (18 April 2011, Oxford, UK)
    The event’s agenda features a keynote from Tim Berners-Lee, HTML5, mobile Web work, Web accessibility and more.
  • 2nd W3C Web and TV workshop (8-9 February 2011, Berlin, Germany) see the agenda
    Do not miss this important workshop!!! Join on Lanyrd
    Thx to sponsors NetFlix, IPTV Forum Japan and Tomo-Digi.
  • Imaginove Project Booster (1 February 2011, Lyon, France)
    HTML5 Demos by François Daoust

In 2010:

  • Web and TV @ TP Day (3 November 2010, Lyon, France)
    Phil Archer chairs a Web and TV panel at W3C’s Technical Plenary Day.
  • Paris Web 2010 (14-16 October 2010, Paris, France)
    W3C staff members François Daoust and Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, along with W3C community member Robin Berjon, will give a presentation on “HTML5 and the Web of the future
  • NEM 2010 (13-15 October 2010, Barcelona, Spain)
    François Daoust will present W3C’s work around HTML5 and video and Marie-Claire Forgue will be there to promote OMWeb results. For meeting planning, please contact “mcf at w3 dot org”.
  • ICT2010 (27-29 September 2010, Brussels, Belgium)
    Many OMWeb staff members will be there to talk about open media Web technologies. Looking forward to meeting you on site! For meeting planning, please contact Marie-Claire Forgue (mcf at w3 dot org).
  • Mobile2.0 (20-21 September 2010, San Francisco, USA)
    Matt Womer presented W3C’s work on Point of Interest in Augmented Reality.
  • IBC 2010 (9-14 September 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Philipp Hoschka will present HTML5 and video, as well as Web on TV EU workshop plans before the global electronic media and entertainment industry.
  • OMWeb supported the W3C SVG meetup hosted again by La Cantine (6 September 2010, Paris, France)
  • W3C Web TV Workshop (2-3 September 2010, Tokyo, Japan)
    The goal of this workshop is to identify use cases and requirements for smarter integration of existing Web standards, broadcasting and non-PC device like television. The written statement of interest/position paper is due by Friday, 6 August 2010. More information is in the CfP.
  • SVG Open 2010 (30 August – 1 September 2010, Paris, France)W3C svg logo
    Participate and take up the opportunity to learn to use SVG open standard (from W3C), to create effective and compelling web content, and to see the latest developments from the W3C.
  • TypeCon 2010 (17-22 August 2010, Los Angeles, USA)
    Roger Black (the End User Perspective), Bryan Mason (Font Metrics), Raph Levien (Google Developments), and the members of the Web Fonts Working Group, will participate in a panel at TypeCon 2010 on Friday, 20 August.
  • W3C Workshop on Augmented Reality on the Web (15-16 June 2010, in Barcelona, Spain).  Send position papers! (see details in the Call for Participation)
  • OMWeb organized a HTML5 camp within the W3C Track@WWW2010 (30 April 2010, in Raleigh, NC, USA).
  • OMWeb supported the Paris HTML5 tour (6-7 April 2010, Paris, France): in addition to a dedicated press conference (at La Grande Arche), an HTML5 meetup was organized at La Cantine (see video).