OMWeb has the following 3 objectives:

Objective 1:  Increase Awareness of W3C’s Networked Media Work in Europe

Goal: European actors in the networked media value chain (content providers, authoring tool providers, media technology providers, content distributors etc.) need to be informed about the goals and results of W3C’s networked media work.

Objective 2:  Increase Number of Developers Capable of Developing Networked Media Web Content

Goal: European content providers need to be capable of creating networked media content that is Web-based rather than based on traditional networked media technologies.

Objective 3:  Increase European Standards Activities in Web-based Networked Media

Goal: European actors (both technology and content providers) currently do not play the role in rapidly growing field of Web-based networked media that they are playing in traditional media. Royalty-free, web-based networked media standards will help to “level the playing field”.