New training course on Game development in HTML5

October 6, 2011

W3C is pleased to announce a brand new W3C online training course dedicated to “Game development in HTML5”. The objective of this course is to have students use open Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript to create browser based multiplayer games.

W3C HTML5 logoIn this course, students will learn:

  • about the current state of JavaScript games
  • what are the HTML5 elements useful in game development
  • how to use HTML5 animation and CSS3 transitions
  • about collision detection and basic physics
  • how to implement multiplayer gameplay
  • how to deploy your game in the appstores

A snapshot of the course content is available in the course description below.

Taught by Michal Budzynski, the course will last 4 weeks, from 31 October to 27 November 2011.

To ensure your place on the course, do enroll now! The full price of the course is €225 but we have a limited number of seats available at the early bird rate of €145, open until 22 October 2011. Enroll now and benefit from the early bird rate!

Who should attend?

Course is prepared for both – Web Developers interested in creating games and Game Developers who wants to create games for Web browsers.


Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript & CSS.

How does this work?

The online course is delivered as a series of 4 modules, one per week. Each module presents information as one or more lectures and includes an assignment and some other activity. The material for the week is made available on each Monday morning (at the latest). You should aim to complete the week’s work by the following weekend although assignments will be accepted up until the end of the course.

You can participate in the course from any time zone. When you choose to work on the material and assignments is entirely up to you. It is anticipated that you will need to spend around 2-3 hours per week on the course (as an average).

Interaction between participants is strongly encouraged through the discussion forum. The discussion forum is open at all times and the teachers will usually respond in good time, especially during (European) office hours.

All course material is presented in English. Assignments must also be submitted in English. Participants may post messages to the discussion forum in any language.

How Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

The course includes 4 practical tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) that all need to be completed satisfactorily if you are to receive a certificate of completion.

What do I need?

All material is delivered via the Web and so is accessible on any browser. The course is hosted by a Moodle platform. Participants are allocated an account on the training system and this grants access to course materials and the a dedicated discussion forum. Register now!

About the trainer: Michal Budzynski

Michal Budzynski photo Michal is a JavaScript developer from Poland with strong game development background, currently working for GG Network (owner of Gadu-Gadu, the biggest Polish instant messaging client). He has created one of the most popular Canvas HTML5 game tutorials – html5gametutorial.mibbu.eu. He recently organized onGameStart, the first HTML5 games event, in his home country Poland.
Michal is also creator of the first PhoneGap implementation for Samsung Bada system. As a Javascript trainer he has run technical workshops in many countries such as France, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy or Brazil. JavaScript is not just his job – it’s his lifestyle. Follow Michal @michalbe

Course description: “Game Development in HTML5”

During the workshop you will learn how to use Open Web Technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3 & HTML5 to create browser based multiplayer games. We will discuss and compare different methods of real-time animation, implementing game loop, structure of the code or communication between the players. Logic of our games will be based on an engine we will write – it will be able to animate sprites, detect collisions, add basic physics to our characters and much more. Finally, you will learn how to run your game as a desktop application outside the browser on MacOSX, Linux & Windows, or as a native application on your mobile device. And how to sell it in the appstores.

Each week ends with a practical assignement.

Week 1: Introduction to HTML5/JavaScript game development

We will remind basics of JavaScript & HTML5, learn how to manipulate Document Object Model and draw on canvas element. We will test different methods of implementing game loop and user controls. An history of JavaScript games will also be presented.
Week 1 assignment: “Create single object on a scene and control it using mouse or/and keyboard.”

Week 2: Let’s make it move!

We will discuss different methods of sprite animation using HTML5 and remind information about basics of physics from high school. We will also learn how to detect collisions between objects.
Week 2 assignment: “Create animated character that could jump on the platforms on the scene.”

Week 3: Connecting with other players

We will review methods for connecting players. Then, we will check if it is possible to connect two browsers without worrying about the server side scripts. We will also learn how to implement multiplayer gameplay in our games.
Week 3 assignment: “Add multiplayer support to your game.”

Week 4: Deploying your game

Last but not least – we will explore the power of JavaScript, CSS3 & HTML5 outside the desktop browser. We will add native features of your mobile phone like accelerometer or vibrations and publish your game in the app stores.
Week 4 assignement: “Create package with your game for mobile devices using described frameworks or publish it as a desktop application for different operating systems.”

Terms and conditions

The training course is offered subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • W3C will deliver the course in line with the published description for the advertised fee.
  • Payment must be made, in full, at the time of registration.
  • Payment is processed using either a credit card or a PayPal account.
  • Participants may withdraw from the course at any time after registration.
  • Refunds will only be made if the participant withdraws within the first week of the online course.
  • W3C intends to continue to make the course material available to registered participants for at least 2 months after the course has ended.
  • All material, including that produced by participants, in assignments and correspondence is copyrighted property and cannot be copied, duplicated, posted on another Web site, or otherwise used without the original author’s consent. Conversations and posted messages are private and cannot be copied, duplicated, forwarded, or conveyed to anyone else without the original author’s permission.


Please write to training@w3.org . Thx.


  1. 1) We will most certainly run a 2nd edition of the HTML5 games course in the coming months as well, but no schedule yet (so far, the only W3C online course announced for beg. of 2012 is the “Introduction to mobile Web and application best practices”). Please follow @W3Training to stay tuned!
    2) It depends on the teacher, but it’s recommended to complete the assignments just after the course is over.
    3) Yes and no. We will send a global invoice to the company that will register many different employees. But it is advisable that there is one access account per one employee.
    4) Each course is really different, and the HTML5 games course material might need more than 4 hours a week. It all depends on how passionate to learn you are 🙂

  2. Answer 1: Yes, Michal will present optimizations of Html games for mobile devices.
    Answer 2: Indeed, Michal will present tips, tricks and hacks of complex DOM structure.

  3. Apologies for this issue. We are looking into it. Please write directly to training@w3.org with details wrt your account and I’ll help you out. Thx.

  4. Hi,
    I’m trying to Register to the course at http://www.w3techcourses.com/ but when I’m creating a new account, an email sending error occurs, so I can’t confirm my Email and can’t login.
    Could you please help me.

  5. Hello there,
    This sounds very interesting indeed! Just got 4 questions about the course:

    1) There is talk about this course being given in the beginning of 2012 as well. When will the exact course-date be available?

    2) And the course-materials is available 2 months after the course is finished. Does this include the tutor who will marks the special assignments?

    3) Is there a way to subscribe as a company (multiple people following the course on 1 account)?

    4) Is 2-3 hours study per week not a very low estimate for what this course is offering? 6-8 hours per week sound more plausible.

  6. I’m also very interested in the course. I have 2 questions:
    – Will we discuss different browsers and platforms regarding performance and other restrictions. For example the pitfalls on low-end devices like tablets?
    – Will we discuss optimization strategies for DOM manipulations?

  7. Will this course also cover also the WebGL topic?
    Or is even based on it?

  8. Great!

  9. I guess this is the requirement about including a non alpha-numeric char. Really, just pick your usual password and append an underscore or something you can recall later.

  10. We can change that – let us know what you found bothersome

  11. The course will focus on technical aspects of game development really, and so is a perfect fir for people (developers, etc.) who even have limited experience in designing games. Thx!

  12. Is this course worth it for people aspiring to be game designers and not exactly *developers* ?

  13. I wish I could attend this course. I hope someday the contents of the course get published, so that we can use them too.

  14. I finally gave up on coming up with a password that passed their requirements.

  15. There will be a 3 weeks overlap indeed, but we made sure that it takes a few hours per week to follow each course, and this can be done at any time. Otherwise, for sure, we plan to run the HTML5 games course beg. of 2012! Thx.

  16. I’m strongly interested in this course but unfortunately W3C opens up it just overlaping the HTML5 Audio & Video Course for wich I’m subscribed – Weird!

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