W3C Issues Report on Web and Television Convergence

April 6, 2011

The Web and television convergence story was the focus of W3C’s Second Web and TV Workshop, which took place in Berlin in February. W3C publishes a report that summarizes the discussion among the 77 organizations that participated, including broadcasters, telecom companies, cable operators, OTT (over the top) companies, content providers, device vendors, software vendors, Web application providers, researchers, governments, and standardization organizations active in the TV space. Convergence priorities identified in the report include:

  • Adaptive streaming over HTTP
  • Home networking and second-screen scenarios
  • The role of metadata and relation to Semantic Web technologies
  • Ensuring that convergent solutions are accessible.
  • Profiling and testing
  • Possible extensions to HTML5 for Television

Read the full press release.

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